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Pulse release notes — May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020


All 18 beat cards that users could potentially see inside Pulse have been redesigned:

  • In addition to the reminder or tip text, several beats now give more clear transaction details.
  • Beats with graphs feature legends to clarify which data is being used. Those legends have improved descriptions, and the line showing a user’s average is more visible. When users select one of the months in the bar graph, they will be shown information about their transactions.
  • The Category Spending beat will now show a weighted average to accurately represent the user’s spending trends. This will prevent the number from being skewed by months when the user’s spending is especially low or especially high.
  • The New Subscription beat is better able to show the frequency of a subscription, such as whether it is monthly or annually.
  • A new beat notification has been added. A message will say “New Insights,” and the user can select it to see the new beat with information.
  • The “You’re all caught up” image that appears at the end of a user’s Pulse feed has been replaced with just text to conform to the style of the rest of the Pulse feed. Additionally, instead of appearing at the end of the feed, this will soon appear wherever the user last left off.
  • Backend privacy has been improved. Personally identifiable information, such as a Social Security number or driver’s license number, has been removed from view and will not be stored, to protect users.


  • We fixed a bug that was causing duplicate transaction triggers when transactions were manually split between two categories.
  • The debt payment reminder will no longer trigger for a $0 balance.