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Pulse release notes — August 27, 2020

August 27, 2020

Pulse enhancements

  • We have made improvements to the Pulse feed so, instead of some beats expiring, they will remain in the feed and continue to flow with the rest of the beats. These are the beats that will no longer expire:
    • User Feedback
    • Deposit Aggregate
    • Monthly Savings
    • Category Spending
    • Monthly Spend Comparison
    • Overdraft Warning
    • Savings Opportunity
    • Debt Payment Reminder

1 Persistent Feed

  • The transaction details view has been updated to match the rest of Pulse. Additionally, users will be able to do the following:
    • See the details of each transaction in the transaction drawer.
    • Recategorize transactions to help keep an accurate budget.
    • Edit the merchant name.
    • Edit the transaction date.
    • Add a memo

2 Transactions3 Transactions4 Transactions5 Transactions

  • The “You’re all caught up” text appears wherever the user last left off, instead of at the end of the feed.

3caught Up

  • Additionally, a green halo will appear around each new beat for a moment to indicate it is new.

4green Halo

  • If a beat has an image as its main component, clients will be able to add a custom image to match their branding.

8 Client Image9 Client Image

  • The monthly spending comparison will show a weighted average based on recent months to accurately represent the user’s spending trends. This will prevent the number from being skewed by months when the user’s spending is especially low or especially high. Additionally, both the category spending and monthly spending comparison will show trends.

5monthly Spend Comp

Pulse fixes

  • Merchant logos will no longer intermittently show up incorrectly or disappear.
  • We fixed some bugs that affected accessibility.