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MoneyMap product update — September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

MX is now performing A/B testing in MoneyMap so, without any effort on their part, clients can boost engagement. An adaptive user interface will offer A/B testing of design and text, with the winner of each test determined by statistical significance to eliminate the possibility of chance.

The first test kicks off in 30 days: Because accessibility concerns in Internet Explorer 11 have slowed our usual agile and fast-paced development process, we will no longer support this browser. As such, we will show Internet Explorer users one of two options to download a new browser.

1 Moneymap2 MoneymapWe will track how users engage with each design and roll out the winner to all users who will be impacted by the change. Users will see the offer to download a new browser once per session for 90 days until they make the switch. After 90 days, they will no longer be able to dismiss the notification.