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MoneyMap release notes — March 22, 2021

March 22, 2021

Re-opening accounts

For a long time, our Connections widget has offered the ability for end users to mark an account as closed. This means that when an end user knows that one of their accounts is closed — like a paid-off loan or an old checking account — they can mark it as such and the account will no longer be aggregated. It will also have the balance set to $0 while still maintaining the old transaction history.

This used to be a one-way operation — closed accounts could not be re-opened. Now, MX is introducing the ability to mark a closed account as re-opened in the Connections widget. Doing so re-enables aggregation, updates the balance, and allows users to continue using that data in whatever MX product you offer.

This enhancement will be applied to all held-away accounts by default. Partners who manage held accounts on the MX Platform will be able to determine whether end users will have the ability to mark a closed account as re-opened.

This enhancement is currently available for all clients.