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Analytics Suite release notes - June 14, 2021

June 14, 2021

Several changes have been made to dashboards within Analytics Suite:

  • In all dashboards, you will now be able to customize the time period on each chart to filter what information you see.

AS1 Money Map Helios

  • Some charts in the Observe tab of the MX platform have been recreated in Analytics Suite, where they will appear in the new Overview dashboard. The Observe tab is being retired.


This Overview dashboard will be the new landing page when clients sign into the MX platform. Clients with the Analytics Suite will see the dashboard at the top of their list of dashboards, while those without the Analytics Suite will see just the Overview dashboard.

  • In the Accounts dashboard, we’ve made visual changes to several charts. We also show the top 20 organizations in each chart, instead of a longer list.




  • The Financial Health dashboard will now offer the option to export user information, based on financial health score categories: vulnerable, building, stable, or strong. These exported files will include user IDs that you can use to create new audiences.
  • The Primary Financial Institution dashboard has been turned off for a redesign. A new dashboard will be released in the future.