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Connect Release Notes — July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021


  • Creating duplicate members is prohibited by the MX platform. Until now, Connect has displayed an error message when users try to create a duplicate member (meaning any member that belongs to the same user, same institution, with the same username). That's definitely useful, but it's less than graceful.

    We've developed a new flow that identifies the existing member and updates it with new information, rather than showing an error.

    Example: An end user changes their password at Epic Bank's website. At some point later they load the Connect widget and try to create a new member for Epic Bank. In this case, they’ll be prompted that a connection already exists for that bank; if they proceed anyway, they’ll enter their new credentials and these will be used to update the existing member rather than throwing an error message.

    This enhancement is now in production for all clients.

    When using credentials
    Duplicate Member00a.1
    Duplicate Member01a.1

    When using OAuth
    Duplicate Member O Auth00.1
    Duplicate Member O Auth01.1

  • The OAuth flow now includes a "waiting for authentication" view. This helps end users know when they must wait for something to happen before the flow will proceed.

    This enhancement is currently in production for all clients.


  • Certain types of errors require users to log in to their financial institution's website and perform some kind of action. We improved our end-user messaging when Connect runs into these kinds of errors.

    This enhancement is currently in production for all clients.


  • When a member required updated credentials, the associated "Enter credentials" view in Connect displayed some truncated account information including the account name and the last four digits of the account number. We've decided it's better to be extra careful — even with this limited information. Now, no account information of any kind is displayed on the "Enter credentials" view.

    This enhancement is now in production for all clients.


  • For members in a DENIED state (i.e., incorrect credentials were provided), our messaging included the phrase "New credentials needed." This has been changed to "Please re-enter your credentials."

    This enhancement is now in production for all clients.