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MoneyMap release notes — July 7, 2021

July 7, 2021

The MoneyMap goals widget has been redesigned to better comply with accessibility standards:

  • Instead of a timeline, savings and debt goals are now in a list format.
  • The new design is compatible with screen readers in all supported browsers.

The modernized look will also improve the end user experience for all users. For example, instead of users having to move a slider to see long term goals, they are now listed in an easy-to-read format for both those reading the goals and those using assistive technology.

The new design increases the likelihood that users will create and complete goals more often. This is a visual update with no change to functionality.

Old design:

Money Map Old

New design:

Money Map New

The new design will automatically appear to users Aug. 10, so clients do not need to make any changes on their end.