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MoneyMap release notes — Connections — December 7, 2021

December 7, 2021

We’ve made some changes in the Connections widget that will make the process of using the product smoother and make the web and mobile views more similar, including upgrading the design of the list view, account details view, institutions details view, and actions view.

These changes will be implemented Jan. 4. If you’d like to review them before then, please contact your MX success consultant.

We’ve also enhanced fraud protection measures by implementing a new fraud monitor, enhancing encryption for users’ primary account numbers, and masking all but the last four digits of account numbers in user views to prevent confusion. These fraud protection enhancements have been automatically implemented.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced accessibility by updating what screen readers read in some areas for clarity, adding the option to use the escape key to exit a modal, and making sure text is white in dark mode so it’s readable. These accessibility enhancements have been automatically implemented.

Starting in January, users will be able to offer feedback in areas in addition to the “Disconnect Institution” flow, including after getting no results from a search and in the Connection success and Connections error status views.