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July 2022

July 14, 2022


Processor Tokens

We have introduced Processor Tokens to the Instant Account Verification feature within the MX Platform API. Processor Tokens enable tokenized access for processors working with MX clients. Processors can exchange a token for the information, including payment account information, transaction history, identity data, and real-time account balance information. This reduces the need for clients to gather, store, and exchange sensitive data with processors. 

Processor Tokens will be live July 18 for clients to use. Clients must have the MX Instant Account Verification feature to use Processor Tokens. For more information on how Processor Tokens work, review MX’s developer documentation or talk to your MX contact. 


We’ve launched a quickstart app called MXquickconnect. Use MXquickconnect to try our MXconnect widget. It's a great way to learn about integrating with the MX Platform. The app, coupled with sample code, demonstrates adding new users and members (connecting a user to their financial account) and making additional requests for a number of use cases.

It’s available in our Github repository at https://github.com/mxenabled/mx-quickconnect. You’ll need an API key and a client ID to use it.


We have made several enhancements in MXconnect:

  • Not all clients use standard credentials for authentication through MXconnect. For clients that require an API key, we have added a feature that allows us to present information about the authentication requirements for that institution. These instructions will guide users to successful connections.
  • There is now a prompt that asks users for feedback about their connection experience. This feedback will help MX improve the experience for all users. This feature is live for all clients.
  • We have enhanced the MXConnect interface in several ways to improve the user experience, including making a seamless framing experience, updating a title page, and tweaking some spacing and visuals.


Developer Documentation

We have been redesigning the MX Developer Documentation website at docs.mx.com to improve its usability. It will have simplified navigation options, including a list of all guides under Use Case buttons in the left navigation. You will see these changes soon.

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Bug Fixes


We fixed some bugs in MXconnect that were incorrectly displaying error messages after users entered a routing number, that did not read error messages via screen reader, and that did not type in a search field when a user was in Chrome.