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August 2022

August 18, 2022


MX Connect Widget

We’ve made some visual changes to the step when users manually add an account. These changes offer design consistency, improve accessibility (a11y), and provide information in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.


We are also enhancing the information we collect and analyze through Google Analytics to track in more detail where users drop off in the MX Connect Widget, instead of knowing only that they drop off at some point during the process. This will help us understand where we can improve.


We have added or updated several insights:

  • The new Green Statement Fee insight shows a recent paper statement fee and reminds users they can save money — and the planet — by opting out of paper statements.
  • The new Green Gas Purchases Summary insight explains gas spending frequency and patterns.
  • The new Unexpected Subscription Payment insight informs users when a payment occurs for a subscription they have marked as canceled.
  • The Weekly New Merchants insight is now dynamic, so it will update if users make changes to it. It notifies users that MX has identified one or more merchants they had not interacted with the previous week.


We have also created a new feedback flow in the Upcoming Subscription and Subscription Detected insights that allows users to tell us we got something wrong. And, to protect users who are still getting charged for a subscription they say they’ve canceled, we created the Unexpected Subscription Payment insight that recommends they double-check.