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September 2022

September 26, 2022

MXmobile SDK (Software Development Kit)

MXmobile is a fully-featured digital banking platform that empowers financial institutions and fintechs to deliver data-driven, contextual, and personalized experiences. The MXmobile SDK empowers clients to build their own experiences, instead of using MX development teams.

By extending the core MXmobile solution, clients can experience an accelerated speed to market and implementation time. After installing the MXmobile SDK and integrating it with the Path SDK, clients can configure their features, add plugins that extend MXmobile’s core functionality, and customize their app’s colors, fonts, images, icons, user interface text, buttons, and components. By using the MXmobile SDK, clients can create their own mobile experience that’s powered by MX and true to their brand.

Learn more about how the MXmobile SDK works at docs.mx.com/mobile-sdk/guides/getting-started.

Ask questions or get started with the MXmobile SDK by reaching out to your delivery team.

Path SDK (Software Development Kit)

As a part of the MXmobile offering, the Path SDK is a sub offering of the MXmobile SDK. This software development kit enables MXmobile clients to use the MX Path platform to quickly build connections between their mobile applications, the MX Platform, and other data sources. Path connects MXmobile to the MX platform and any other data source MX clients may rely on and translates between both of these connections, despite how disparate those systems are.

Historically, Path’s connections have been built only by MX, and MXmobile clients were unable to make changes on their own to the back-end connections their mobile application required. Using the Path SDK, MXmobile clients are empowered to define these connections and switch between them as needed without relying on MX to do it for them. 

Learn more about how the Path SDK works at docs.mx.com/path-sdk or visit the MX GitHub at github.com/mxenabled/path-sdk.

Ask questions or get started with the Path SDK by reaching out to your delivery team.

MXmobile update

MX now has the ability to limit use of an iOS version, based on SDKs that are incorporated into the MXmobile app. If an SDK is not supported back to iOS 11, MX can prevent users on older iOS versions from downloading an incompatible app. MXmobile will still support back to iOS 11, but MX can modify this on an individual client basis, depending on the client needs and SDK compatibilities.


MXcommunity is an online space for MX clients and partners to engage with other MX product users by exploring topics of interest, asking questions, and collaborating. Clients can discuss challenges, post reviews, submit product ideas, and engage with one another to democratize knowledge and improve client experience and outcomes. As the MXcommunity professional network grows, it will become the go-to place for clients to get advice from experts in the industry as they integrate and expand their portfolio of MX products.

Explore and join MXcommunity at community.mx.com.