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October 2022

October 4, 2022

Connect Widget update

We are removing the disclosure screen from the Connect Widget on Oct. 11 in an effort to increase conversion rates and reduce user drop-off rates. Clients who would like to keep the disclosure screen can reach out to their MX delivery team or to MX support to have it re-added.

Currently, users see the below disclosure screen before searching for their institution or entering credentials. They are required to select Continue to move forward.


Instead of showing the disclosure screen, we will show a disclosure that says “Data access powered by MX” with a link to the privacy policy. This will be displayed on either screen that prompts users to login, as shown below.


We will automatically implement this change on Oct. 11. It will not break the Connect Widget and will not require clients to do any additional coding, so clients do not need to do anything unless they want to keep the disclosure screen.