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February 2023

February 14, 2023

Connect Widget 

To further reinforce user trust and company transparency, we’ve updated the Connect Widget experience to help end users access all MX disclosures. End users can find the MX Privacy Policy and our data disclosures by selecting the “Data Access Powered by MX” link at the bottom of the Connect Widget. Selecting the "Data Access Powered by MX" link will navigate end users to a separate display that has the disclosures and links to MX policies. 

This change has already come into effect. No further client action is required.

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Instant Account Verification

For the Instant Account Verification product, the passed_validation field has now been added to the account_numbers object for the Platform and Nexus APIs. This field indicates whether the account and routing numbers contained in the object pass or fail MX’s internal validation parameters.

For more information, please visit our developer documentation:

Platform API: https://docs.mx.com/api#verification_mx_widgets_account_number_fields  

Nexus API: https://developer.mx.com/nexus/v1/#verification-account-number-fields