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March 2023

March 14, 2023

Connect Widget: Wrong Account Type Returned UX 


The following issue has been addressed: Users with a non-eligible account (non-DDAccount) were receiving a “successful” screen after going through the Connect flow, leading them to believe no further action needed to be taken. 

The new experience presents users with an error screen if they do not have an eligible DDAccount. This screen presents different options to try again depending on the connection type and client configuration. For cases where institution search is disabled, we’ve provided a postMessage for clients to intercept and take appropriate action in their UX.


Maintenance Status UX

The following issue has been addressed: the end user was being placed into “Connection Maintenance” without an actionable button, forcing them to click out of the Connect Widget.

“OK” – With Search enabled, the user is directed to Search. The button also dispatches a postMessageallowing the client to close the widget (or take a different action).

With Search disabled, the user is directed to the Credentials step (OAuth redirect UI, or enter credentials UI, depending on connection type).


Credential Recovery Updated User Experience

The following issue has been addressed: the credential input screen did not allow end users to reset their password or username. The end users were given a link to the institution homepage (“Go to institution’s website”) with no instruction on how to reset or recover their credentials.

The new UI buttons read: “Reset Password,” “Reset Username,” or “Trouble Signing In?” depending on the institution’s requirements. The buttons redirect the user to the appropriate password reset links, restoring the user’s control over access to their account.