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Lenders need accurate and real-time insights to make informed decisions when it comes to borrowers. But collecting the required financial information — from account balances to alternative credit data — to assess a borrower's credit risk and ability to repay a loan is time consuming.

At the same time, borrowers want an easy, fast, and seamless loan application process or they’re likely to take a loan from another provider.

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MX Solution

MX gives lenders additional sources of information on borrowers’ financial behavior that go beyond the traditional credit score, helping them create more competitive and relevant offers while minimizing risk and increasing loan completion.


Understand your customers

Uncover externally held accounts and where customers are spending and transferring money to create personalized and relevant offers that grow your existing customer base.


Monitor engagement

Track adoption rates, usage, and other engagement metrics to see how customers interact with your products. Uncover what motivates your customers and identify growth opportunities.


Access your data

With dashboards that are easy to share and understand, your entire organization can export dashboard data to other analytics, marketing, and sales software applications and drill deeper for a complete view of your customers’ financial data.


Increase share of wallet

Competitive dashboards give visibility into where customers hold other accounts, account types, balances, and interest rates, allowing you to target them with relevant offers and incentives.


Deliver custom content to targeted customers

It's never been easier to understand who your customers are. Put your data to work with MX's Marketing Hub and create target audiences and personalized campaigns that improve your customers' money experience.

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