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Consumers have complex financial lives with various accounts linked to multiple financial institutions. Atrium enables developers to bring all that data into their own solutions, enhancing transactions and creating better user experiences.

Make the most out of your users’ financial data

Connect to virtually any bank in US or Canada for account, transaction, and balance information


MX is the leader in data enhancement with categorization accuracy rates over 91%. With accuracy rates at lightning speeds, you can extract, analyze, and act on your users transactional data more quickly and efficiently.

Connection Reliability

Our multi-sourced aggregation provides connectivity to nearly every financial institution in the USA and Canada with built-in redundancy. Even if a connection experiences an interruption or update, your users will still have complete access to their financial data and you won't lose a customer.


As your business needs grow, we offer enterprise-level support, enabling you to scale quickly. From self-serve support to hands-on consulting, our team is here every step of the way to ensure your success.

Industry leading coverage in account verification, account holder verification, pdf statements, extended transaction history up to 24 months, and more.

Better, Faster, Cleaner

Financial Account Aggregation

As the premier provider of multi-sourced aggregation for financial data, we aggregate from 16,000 financial institutions via 48,000 connections. Unlike other providers, our multi-sourced solution ensures that you always have the most reliable account information despite a broken connection. Give your customers a complete view of their finances alongside a world-class digital experience.

Enhanced Transaction Data

Our industry-leading cleansing and categorizing technology is applied to all your users transactions. By establishing a foundation of transactional data that is both consumable and actionable, you can lead tomorrow’s innovation and create a configurable UX for your end-users.

Instant Account Verification

Unlike micro deposits, that take three to five days to verify users’ account and routing number information, Instant Account Verification confirms that information in seconds—eliminating lost revenue, account abandonment, and providing an enjoyable experience for account holders.


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Client Support Level Self-Help Forum Access to Support Team Personalized Support
Access to Develop Portal to Test
Data Enhancement: Industry leading Cleanse, Categorization Test
Transaction Classification Metadata: Merchants, logos, subscriptions, income, location, etc Test
Aggregation: 48K+ Connections: Offering up to 24 months of transaction history Limited: 100 Users to top 14 FIs for 45 Days
MX Connection Widget: Easily search and link banks Test
Account Verification*: Account and Routing Numbers* Test
Identity Verification*: Bank account holder's name and other information Test
Investment Data Augmentation*: Richer investment data
MX Analytics and Segmentations*: Simplest way to understand your users
MX Digital Money Management*: Easily embed award wining PFM

MX is your partner for the tools you need to create exceptional experiences for your users. We partner with the leading FinTechs and financial institutions in North America to provide more than 30 million users access to the technology they want.

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