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From account aggregation, auto-categorization, alerts, ads and analytics to your core platform our API offers flexibly to choose which features to integrate with— all while maintaining your current, familiar interface.

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Our solutions help you strategically scale as you grow—now and in the future.

360-degree Financial View

Give customers a tech-savvy solution that allows them to digitally manage all their finances in one place. Our Digital Money Management solution combines advanced aggregation and AI-powered technology with an award-winning UI for a truly modern banking experience.

Deeper Insights

Gain deep insights into your customers' financial lives—from their buying patterns to their spending habits. When customers add their internal and external accounts into the MX platform, you get instant access to their data such as interest rates, engagement, account types, and much more.

Better Experiences

Create segments, deploy adaptive offers, and start tracking campaigns instantly. Now you can deliver highly relevant marketing experiences to customers when they’re actively considering an offer—boosting engagement and conversion.

5-star Mobile App

Go beyond simple transactions and account management by delivering a 5-star mobile app experience your customers will love. With Helios, you can run your app natively on the platform of your choice from one code base.

We provide more than API solutions

As your business needs grow, we’ll help you leverage applications that enable your organization to scale quickly—from webhooks and reporting tools to our award-winning user interface and much more.

Build the Future with Data

Consumer Lending

Create more compelling offers and increase conversion on your credit cards and other product lines.

Financial Wellness

Help empower your customers to make better financial decisions with financial literacy tools.

Invest in Savings & Wealth

Leverage the widest and cleanest data to make well-informed decisions about your customers’ wealth.

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Test Startup Standard Enterprise
Get API key for Developer Environment Up to 1000 users for only $100 per month Flat per user per month pricing that's predictable and scalable to grow your business Access to our full featured API with enterprise pricing, Integration, and support
Access to Develop Portal to Test
Data Enhancement: Industry leading Cleanse, Categorization Test
Transaction Classification Metadata: Merchants, logos, subscriptions, income, location, etc Test
Aggregation: 48K+ Connections: Offering up to 24 months of transaction history Limited: 100 Users to top 14 FIs for 45 Days
MX Connection Widget: Easily search and link banks Test
Investment Holding Data Test
Account Verification*: Account and Routing Numbers* Test
Identity Verification*: Bank account holder's name and other information Test
Investment Data Augmentation*: Richer investment data
MX Analytics and Segmentations*: Simplest way to understand your users
MX Digital Money Management*: Easily embed award wining PFM
Client Support Level Self-Help Forum Access to Support Team Personalized Support
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