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The average consumer maintains 5-10 different relationships with financial organizations across multiple platforms, making it hard to manage their finances. Financial institutions, such as JP Morgan Chase, have found that consumers—especially Gen Z and Millenials— want a variety of money management tools to access information about their finances and make more informed decisions about their money and financial goals.

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MX product solution

With MXpfm, you can help your consumers bring all of their financial information together making it easy to track, manage, and connect all of their various money movements and actions.

Increase logins and consumer engagement

Increase customer adoption and create stickier experiences by making it easy for customers to view all of their account information in one place including all accounts, transactions, and balances.

Remind consumers of upcoming subscriptions

Use MXinsights to help consumers stay on top of their finances. These smart, data-driven insights automatically detect subscriptions, monthly costs, the yearly total for each subscription, and notifies consumers of any increase or decrease in monthly costs.

Increase Engagement by Understanding Consumers

M&T partnered with MX to help their consumers stay on top of their cash flow as the global pandemic impacted their lives. In four months, M&T Bank saw:

Increased Adoption with Deeper Integrations

Without pouring additional money into marketing efforts, Affinity Federal Credit Union increased engagement, improved consumers insights, and enhanced consumer experience.

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