Reliable, Permission-Based Financial Data Sharing

MXaccess is an open finance platform that improves the data sharing experience for financial institutions, fintechs, and other third parties, on behalf of the consumer.

People increasingly want to share their financial data with fintech apps for services like budgeting, payments, tax planning, and investment management.

However, the majority of financial data sharing is done through less secure methods that require consumers to give their usernames and passwords to a third party.

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MXaccess makes it easier than ever to deliver a safe, secure, and reliable connectivity experience.


With tokenized API connections, credentials never leave the organization. Direct API and OAuth connections minimize risks and costs of screen scraping.


Businesses can better monitor and manage where consumers share data, including what data is leaving the platform and where it's going.


Consumers can share their financial data on their terms with permissioned data sharing and a consent dashboard.

Time to Market

New connections can go live in a matter of weeks, not months or years, with the MXaccess API.

The top financial institutions and fintechs use MX to reliably connect to financial accounts and act on financial data.

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