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Account Holder Acquisition

Account Holder Acquisition

WideNet lets you offer data-driven money management to potential account holders. Users can see all their accounts and transactions in your app before they ever open an account with you.

Win New Account Holders

What if potential account holders could be introduced to your financial institution through a process that's as simple as downloading a free app on a smartphone?

With WideNet, that's exactly what's possible. You can lock down exclusive rights to offer the ultimate data-driven money management experience to your future account holders and win long-term loyalty.


Widenet Ads


Built on a Familiar Model

WideNet lets potential account holders load all their accounts in your app, set up their budgets, track their spending, and more. Once they've done that, you can create targeted offers for each user based on their specific data. WideNet essentially becomes a marketing channel that users regularly sign into, similar to other models consumers are familiar with:


Why Widenet Matters

People need a solution that will simplify their lives. In addition to solving this problem, WideNet also lowers the threshold so people can more easily start a relationship with your institution.


Beat the Competition

WideNet offers your institution a competitive differentiator that simplifies users lives, lowers barrier to entry for account holder acquisition, and sets you apart from other institutions in your area. The biggest gains will go to the institutions that move first!


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