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Discover the Value of Your Financial Data

Data has the power to understand customers better, strengthen loyalty, improve the customer experience, and uncover revenue opportunities.

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Customer data is difficult to interpret and use.

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MX product solution

The MX Catalyst MXIF Pro service allows institutions to easily analyze, segment, and use customer data by combining Customer Information File data with MX’s enhanced transactional data.

Use Data to Drive Strategy

We analyze your data and show you how to use it to produce actionable insights that can be used to reach your goals and drive growth.

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Append Your Data with Meaningful Customer Insights

Expand your understanding of your customers and their relationships with competitors through customized, interactive data dashboards.

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Identify and Segment Target Audiences

Create a personalized customer experience with targeted marketing to specific customer affinities.

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Discovering the Value of Data in Action

Understanding how to leverage your customer data is more important than ever before.

Contact MX Catalyst to learn how MXIF Pro can help you maximize the value of your data to drive growth and improve the customer experience.

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