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A little bit about our CTO
Brandon Dewitt

“I majored in music composition for a while, found out that I was a full-time nerd and got a computer science degree, started some companies, tried to start some companies, failed at starting some companies and then eventually got paired up with folks here in Utah who had started MoneyDesktop, Ryan Caldwell and really just bloomed in our, both personal relationship and also our business relationship from there.”

“There are humans that see chaos and want to create value by trying to create a better world out of that chaos. So I kind of stopped believing in a corporate ladder and stopped believing in corporate politics, and I started saying I don’t care what titles I have and I don’t care who reports to who and how that whole ladder works out. The thing that I care about is there is a world out there that was, in some way, gifted to us and it is our job to leave that world better than we found it.”

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Genuine belief that the work taking place at MX can help save humanity. Cognizance is the first step in changing one’s behavior. Perhaps nobody does a better job of shedding light on someone’s financial status than MX.

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By letting us individually pick the problems we want to work on, I'm able to pick problems just beyond my level every day. This has allowed me to grow rapidly. Since the problems in our industry can be so complex, every engineer here-whether junior or senior-faces challenges beyond their current skill level.

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It is utterly refreshing to see how well a development team can run when they are self-managed and passionate about their work. It's rewarding to see problems solved and deployed in a quick and efficient manner without excessive meetings and egos.

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