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MX Catalyst consulting services help your team get the most value out of your data. The distance between data and execution is bigger than you might expect. We shorten the distance so you reach your growth objectives faster.

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MX Catalyst Professional Services

Gather, Analyze, and Act on Data

Catalyst can help your organization build a digital roadmap strategy and establish a culture of making data-driven decisions. We analyze your data and show you how to use it to its fullest potential, producing actionable insights that can be used to reach your goals and drive growth.

Diagnose Customer Financial Health

Catalyst makes it easy to assess transaction data and determine individual financial health scores for your customers. By segmenting them into financial health categories, we enable you to provide your customers with personalized and relevant services that will empower them to become financially strong.

Customize Marketing Campaigns

Imagine scaling growth with marketing campaigns driven by data and focused on customer experience. Data-driven marketing campaigns engage customer segments more effectively—and help drive the customer journey to financial strength. For example, use targeted efforts to make the right loan offers to the right customers to improve credit quality and share of wallet. Catalyst works with your team to make strategic decisions on how to execute marketing campaigns and exceed your growth objectives.

Maximize Adoption of MX Tools

MX products help you create exceptional experiences by connecting your customers with their financial data. Catalyst provides their expertise on how to launch these products so you have the best results in adoption, engagement, and ROI.

Manage Project Execution

Catalyst offers project management services to help you keep your organization on-track and prevent delays. Whether it’s for a new product launch or data initiatives, we offer resource support to help you execute your strategy from concept to completion.

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Discover the Value of Your Data

The Value of Data Analysis identifies actionable insights and opportunities for growth using transaction history data. With this analysis, you can understand customer affinities, financial health status, where customers hold accounts with other institutions, and how to improve your share of wallet.

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How Engaged are Your Users?

Studies show that engaged customers maintain higher deposits and are more profitable to their institution. Understand how your customers engage with you, what channels and services they use, and how that compares to your peers. Use this information to power exceptional experiences that encourage your customers to use you as their primary financial institution.

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Gain Better Visibility Into Institutional Risk

The Economic Risk Report provides insights into financial trends based on spending data. These insights can help institutions develop contingency plans to mitigate risk and negative economic impact. Use this information to build solutions to ensure long-term success and growth.

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Case Study
MX reveals customer financial strength scores for LGFCU

LGFCU used insights from transaction history data to understand spending, saving, and borrowing behavior. They calculated a financial health score for their members and identified those that are considered financially vulnerable, financially coping, and financially thriving.

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