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Account Holder Financial Wellness

Build User Loyalty

Informed Users Are Loyal Users

When you help a user make better financial decisions, you give them a reason to stay with your brand. Better yet, you also get word of mouth marketing as they tell their friends and family how you changed their spending habits and alleviated their financial stress.

Build Financial Strength

  • FinStrong by MX guides users to improve their spending habits
  • Data-driven money management gives users a way to effortlessly track their spending
  • With this foundation, you can gain insights about your direct competitors and outsmart them in the process
  • Become the central financial hub for your end users, amplifying loyalty and market share

Here's How We Can Help:


Data-Driven Money Management

MoneyDesktop is a data-driven money management tool that securely integrates into digital banking products and enables users to take control of their finances. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, and debt management are just a few of the tools that increase user loyalty and drive profitable growth.


API & Multi-Sourced Aggregation

Unlike most APIs, MX's multi-sourced aggregation allows us to ensure that users have reliable, real-time account information despite broken connections that hinder other providers. Your users stay happy, and you stand apart from your competition.


Financial Analytics

Insight by MX allows you to quickly and effectively analyze complex data sets. With 100+ pre-load charts, it's the simplest way to understand your users and how to position yourself against your competitors.


Financial Marketing

Target by MX lets you create segments, deploy adaptive offers, and start tracking a campaign in under five minutes with absolutely no assistance from IT. It’s all about using the data from Insight to place the right offer in front of the right account holders at the right time (resulting in bottom line growth).


Download the Financial Wellness PDF