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Find Profitable Account Holders

Exceed Expectations

Get Double-Digit Adoption and Win Profitable Account Holders

By using our engaging visualizations and captivating marketing materials, MX clients have attracted the most profitable account holders in the market and reached adoption rates of more than 40 percent. Best of all, the MX platform enables financial institutions to create hyper-personalized offers for these profitable users, ensuring that they remain loyal.

How You'll Reach Profitable Account Holders

  • Get direct guidance from our support team on best practices
  • Rebrand our marketing materials as your own
  • Enjoy the word-of-mouth marketing that comes with offering an engaging product
  • Get access to our in-house support team

Read the Case Studies

See how MX clients have reached high adoption rates – and how you can too.

Here's How We Can Help:

Cross-Platform Framework

Enhance your users' banking experience with Helios, our cross-platform framework. It is the simplest way to give users a seamless digital experience across desktop, phone, and tablet.


Data-Driven Money Management

MoneyDesktop, by MX, is designed to put an account holder’s data on center stage, molding it into a cohesive, intelligible and interactive visualization. This is how people want to engage with their finances.


API & Multi-Sourced Aggregation

Unlike most APIs, MX's multi-sourced aggregation allows us to ensure that users have reliable, real-time account information despite broken connections that would hinder other providers.


Financial Analytics

Insight allows you to quickly and effectively analyze traditionally complex data sets. It's the simplest way to understand your users and how to position yourself against your competitors.


Financial Marketing

Target lets you create segments, deploy adaptive offers, and start tracking a campaign in under five minutes with absolutely no assistance from IT. It’s all about using the data from Insight to place the right offer in front of the right account holders at the right time.


Download the account holder profitability PDF