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Account Holder Retention

Keep Your Most Profitable Account Holders

Focus on the Biggest Gains

As we detail in our business case, a 1% increase in the industry's most profitable account holders leads to a 5.7% increase in your total relationship dollars. Since MX helps you retain this exact group of account holders, our product suite ultimately results in greater wallet share.

Why Users Stay

  • Engaging UI and UX leads users to return for more
  • As users add all of their accounts and track their spending, they're far less likely to leave
  • Gain insights about your users and give them offers that cause them to stick with you
  • Become the central financial hub for your end users, amplifying loyalty and market share

Here's How We Can Help:


Data-Driven Money Management

MoneyDesktop is a data-driven money management tool that securely integrates into digital banking products and enables users to take control of their finances. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, and debt management are just a few of the tools that increase user loyalty and drive profitable growth.


API & Multi-Sourced Aggregation

Unlike most APIs, MX's multi-sourced aggregation allows us to ensure that users have reliable, real-time account information despite broken connections that hinder other providers. Your users stay happy, and you stand apart from your competition.


Financial Analytics

Insight by MX allows you to quickly and effectively analyze complex data sets. With 100+ pre-load charts, it's the simplest way to understand your users and how to position yourself against your competitors.


Cross-Platform Framework

Helios is the simplest way to give users a seamless digital experience across desktop, phone, and tablet. This way you reduce maintenance costs while simultaneously increasing user loyalty.


Download the Account Holder Retention PDF