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Built for the Future

Integrating with MX

MX clients enjoy our lightweight RESTful API called MX Data Exchange. All clients also get access to our documentation and direct support from our in-house engineering team.

"Honestly it was one of the easiest products and solutions we've ever stood up in our environment."

Howie Wu, Vice President of Virtual Banking

"During the integration process, the MX team was always ahead of the curve and ready for the next challenge that we would run into."

John Shulte, CIO

How is MX Different?

  • Lightweight RESTful APIs make coding easy
  • Concise documentation saves developers time
  • Real-time version of MDX pushes data immediately
  • Integrated with more than 400 financial institutions and counting

Here's How We Can Help:


Cross-Platform Framework

Since Helios is built on a flexible framework and integrates with your current mobile offerings, it can fit your specific needs and become exactly what you want it to be.


API & Multi-Sourced Aggregation

Unlike most APIs, MX's multi-sourced aggregation allows us to ensure that users have reliable, real-time account information despite broken connections that would hinder other providers.


Download the Integration PDF