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Bring Your Vision to Life

Join the MX Visionaries Forum, an invite-only, digital experience that brings together top visionaries from across the globe to discuss leadership, finance, and everything in between.

Every noble pursuit starts with a great vision — a vision of a future unlike anything else the world has ever seen before.

Take 2021 head on. Watch two visionary leaders as they share their stories and successes — their greenlight moments — that have helped them push boundaries, redefine what’s possible, and achieve the vision they’ve set out to accomplish.

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Matthew Mcconaughey

American Actor

Catching the Greenlights in Life and Your Career

“The art of living is what we do at the intersection of a yellow light.”

Actor, producer and author Matthew McConaughey dives into insights and inspirations from his new book, Greenlights. He shares stories of successes and failures, and the lessons along the way that taught him how to find joy and meaning in his life.

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Brandon Dewitt

Co-Founder & CTO

Vision for 2021 and Beyond

“Life is about the time we have and the purpose we choose to focus on.”

Brandon Dewitt, Co-founder & CTO of MX, shares his journey of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer — one of the greatest red lights you might experience in your life. He asks us to consider: How do we turn red lights to green and make sure we’re moving in the right direction? Because there's an incredible opportunity for all of us to go out and change the world for the better by utilizing data, connectivity, and experiences to define a new money experience for all of humanity.

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Join the MX Visionaries Forum