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Aug 19 | 9:00 AM PT

Every noble pursuit starts with a great vision — a vision of a future unlike anything else the world has ever seen before.

Learn how to leverage data as a competitive advantage, see things differently, and maximize the impact you can have on the future of money.

Theo Epstein

World Champion Sports Executive

Shane Evans

President of MX

Using Data to Reverse the Curse

Finance, like baseball, takes innovative and visionary leadership to truly change the game. We’re sitting down with Theo Epstein, dubbed as one of “Baseball’s Last Rock Stars,” to discuss what prevents most teams and organizations from innovating, and how to leverage data as a competitive advantage to break through in a big way. Epstein will share his blueprint for how to catapult your own team and organization to success with purpose-driven leadership.

Reasons to Attend

Turn any challenge into a winning scenario. Use data to win big in one of the most competitive industries— now and in the future.

Make data your biggest asset. Create game-changing strategies and plays that will alter the trajectory of your business and catapult you to success.

Go beyond your gut feeling and learn how data can help you hedge your bets and stack the odds in your favor.

Join the MX Visionaries Forum