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What Consumers Really Want from Financial Institutions: Your 2023 Roadmap to Success

Recorded January 17, 2023

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One in 4 consumers feel that financial providers don’t do enough to support their financial needs. Consumers want — and need — more from financial institutions to meet rising expectations and money worries. More personalized. More proactive. More connected. More data.

Now more than ever, financial institutions have an opportunity to take a bigger role in the lives of consumers. Register to hear key insights from MX’s latest research on what consumers want and how to drive higher customer engagement and loyalty in 2023 and beyond.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • How financial inclusion and literacy could help to unlock stronger engagement and build more loyal customers
  • What are the features and functionality that consumers really want and expect from financial institutions
  • How to meet consumer demand for data ownership, control, and sharing

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