Outlining the Future of Money Experience

Innovation + Future Proofing: A Deep Dive with Giraffe Inc.

In the fast paced world of tech, leadership that fails to arm an organization with innovation stands vulnerable to the imminent threat of change. While you can’t future-proof Giraffe Inc. for every outcome, you CAN put measures in place that ensure you’re ready for whatever comes your way. way.

Join MX Co-Founder and CTO Brandon Dewitt for an interactive discussion on how a culture of disruptive innovation is key to resilience and adaptability for fintechs. Learn how Giraffe Inc. can build an agile structure and culture that enables you to pivot quickly, innovate faster, and navigate through the pitfalls of change.

Let’s toast to the future of money experience! Claim your spot for this exclusive Giraffe Inc. whiteboard session, and we will send you a complimentary bottle of wine to enjoy during the discussion.

Brandon Dewitt

MX Co-Founder and CTO

Chief Technology Officer Brandon Dewitt uses his passion for helping people relieve financial stress to lead the MX engineering team. He has a unique management philosophy that focuses on team members taking responsibility and managing themselves. Brandon was co-founder and CTO of MyJibe, an Indianapolis-based personal financial management company. In 2011, Brandon merged efforts with Ryan Caldwell when MX acquired MyJibe.

Andrei Cherny

CEO and Co-Founder of Aspiration

Andrei Cherny is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aspiration, an institution that focuses on doing well by doing good. Andrei was the youngest White House speechwriters in American history to President Clinton, and he worked with Elizabeth Warren to successfully enact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Andrei has spent the majority of his career promoting customer advocacy by striving to make the financial system more open and fair to consumers.

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