Exclusive White Board Deep Dive With
Brandon Dewitt

A 1:1 Strategy Session with Valley Strong on
June 23rd at 11 AM PT

Join MX Co-Founder and CTO Brandon Dewitt in an interactive discussion where he will white board strategies to grow deposits, members, and digital engagement while identifying expansion opportunities for Valley Strong CU. Come learn, discuss, and strategize how Valley Strong CU can build an agile structure that fills product gaps, enables faster innovation, and blazes a trail through the pitfalls of change.

Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Use cases for partnership that grow deposits and membership
  2. Digital strategies that leave greater impact on the market
  3. Roadmapping the future of OLB and revenue growth
  4. The future outlook for open banking

Brandon Dewitt

MX Co-Founder and CTO

Chief Technology Officer Brandon Dewitt uses his passion for helping people relieve financial stress to lead the MX engineering team. He has a unique management philosophy that focuses on team members taking responsibility and managing themselves. Brandon was co-founder and CTO of MyJibe, an Indianapolis-based personal financial management company. In 2011, Brandon merged efforts with Ryan Caldwell when MX acquired MyJibe.

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