The world’s leading companies choose MX to power the money experience for their customers.

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Why MX:

The industry leader in modern connectivity, intelligent enhanced data, and personalized money experiences

Modern Connectivity to Accelerate Open Banking

We offer the most comprehensive and efficient modern connections in the industry providing new ways to connect to data, verify identity and accounts, and more.

The Most Advanced Data Engine

AI and machine learning translates unclear transactions with industry-leading categorization coverage up to 98% and categorization accuracy up to 95% — saving time, reducing cost, and driving innovation.

An Intelligent Approach to Personalized Financial Insights

MX uses connectivity and enhanced data to deliver automated, personalized, and engaging solutions to consumers. We power 85% of digital banking providers, as well as thousands of banks, credit unions, and fintechs.

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From your first line of code to an enterprise platform, MX solutions are designed to scale alongside your business. Be ready for what comes next and give your customers the experience they expect.

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