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Perceived Fraud Might Be Hurting Your Financial Institution

With the rise of online merchants and third-party transaction companies, a growing number of consumers are disputing legitimate transactions simply because they don’t recognize them.

But not all suspicious transactions are fraudulent.

Perceived fraud can be incredibly costly not only to your financial institution’s bottom line, but also to your brand and customer loyalty. Perceived fraud also consumes your organization’s resources and makes you more susceptible to real fraud.

Get these two assets now:

  • Preventing Perceived Fraud: Execute on a thorough safety program by knowing the key differences between perceived fraud and actual fraud.

  • Data Breaches Are on the Rise: Victims of identity theft due to fraud are at an all time high. Supplement existing fraud monitoring with enhanced data to build smarter fraud models, catching fraud before it occurs.

Download the Banker's Kit to Preventing Perceived Fraud to learn the true cost of perceived fraud, and what you can do to prevent it.

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