Keith is a long-time advocate of consumer financial health. He co-founded Abe AI and works to bring simplicity and convenience to everyone's financial life.

John is one of the original members of the team that founded Mercantile Bank of Michigan in 1997, a $3.3 billion asset business oriented community bank headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with 47 offices throughout Lower Michigan. John and his staff manage the operations and information technology infrastructure for the bank, including digital delivery strategies.

What you’ll learn about in the 60-minute webinar

  • How to evaluate your organizational readiness
  • How to select the right digital channel to start with
  • How to drive adoption through product marketing

Consumers’ expectations for simplicity and convenience is at an all time high. To meet these growing demands, financial institutions must embrace AI-driven messaging applications and voice-activated devices. And it all starts with clean data. Without clean data, chatbots can’t answer basic questions and AI is anything but intelligent. Leverage the learnings from Mercantile Bank of Michigan to find out how your financial institution can use AI-driven technology to successfully drive customer engagement and loyalty.

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