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Mainstage recordings

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Money Experience Summit Welcome
Ryan Caldwell
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On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership
Alison Levine, Jane Barratt
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New Announcements: Money Experience Product Updates - Day 1
Brett Allred, Shane Evans
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The Psychology and Future of Money
Stephen Dubner, Jane Barratt
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Catch Me If You Can
Frank Abagnale, Nate Gardner
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Fireside Chat: Defining Moments that Lead to Greatness
Gabby Douglas, Ryan Caldwell
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New Announcements: Money Experience Product Updates - Day 2
Brett Allred, Brandon Dewitt
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MXS On-demand

Money Experience Summit is over, but that doesn’t mean you missed all the action. Enjoy keynotes from Frank Abagnale, Gabby Douglas, Alison Levine, and Stephen Dubner. You can learn at your own pace by listening to 50+ industry experts from companies such as Regions Bank, Sofi, TD Bank, Dwolla, M&T Bank, and many more. Join us as we revolutionize the Money Experience!

Recorded Interactive Breakouts

Innovation Amidst Uncertainty

Brent Beardall

The 5 Things 2020 Show us About the Future of Fintech

Jon Stein

2020 the Make or Break Moment for Fintech

Adrienne Harris

The Color of Money: Explaining the Racial Wealth Gap

Mehrsa Baradaran

Partnerships to Put ESG in Action

Adam Levine

Ron ShevlinΓÇÖs Wins & Fails for 2020

Ron Shevlin

Digital Banking Revolution: Taking Control of Your Digital Roadmap

Corey Leblanc

Banking on Digital Growth: The Strategic Marketing Manifesto to Transform Financial Brands

James Robert Lay

From Survive to Thrive: 2020 Digital Transformation Initiatives

Liz Wolverton

Credit Score 3.0: How Integrated Scores Provide a Two-Way Experience Boost

JB Orecchia

The Three Winners of Frictionless Cash Back: Why the Old Rewards Playbook Doesn't Work

Ryan Wuerch

Partnerships: How Banks Compete Above Their Size with Speed

Matthew Michaelis

Will Banks & Fintechs Create the Experiences Needed for the New Normal

Jim Marous

On-demand Sessions


Building a Fintech: What to Know About Growth, Leadership, and Exits

Brady Harris


Big Data, Big Opportunities, Big Responsibilities: Navigating a Mutually-Beneficial Path

Jane Barratt


What Happens When Your Worst Case Scenario Isn't Bad Enough?

Alex Carilles


What ESPN, Nickelodeon, and Shark Tank Taught me About Family Advocacy

Tanya Van Court


What Rocket Science Taught Me About Payments ΓÇö K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid)

Darren Beyer


Not All APIs are Equal: What Partner Banks Need to Know

Mike Kane


Attention Fintechs: Stop Building Products, Start Building Solutions

Amir Hermelin


The Calculated Risks that Helped the 48th Largest CU Process the 9th Most PPP Loans

Bob West


Data Science: 2020ΓÇÖs Best Forecasting Tool

Ken Krzywicki, Clinton Hess, Rick Silva


Customer Insights: Digital Transformation in FinServices - Now More than Ever

Cory Ayres


Reprioritizing Branches to Rely on Digital Experiences

Käthe Anchel


Safe, Secure and Simplified: How Data Helps Empower the Borrower

Brent Chandler


Transparency to Accelerate Growth through Open Banking

Emma Steeley


Mobile Trends I Wish I Knew When I Was in the Financial Industry

Mike Reese


New Money, New Problems.

Mary Wisniewski


Turn Financial Literacy Into Capability

Stephanie Holmes-Winton


Getting to Know Post-Corona Mobile Banking

Justin Adler


The 2020 Playbook For Consolidation and M&A

Paul Schaus


Hackers Know Your Organization? Do You Know Theirs?

Dan Jones


Behavioral Economics: Omni-Channel Strategies that Power Personalization

Jonas Ng


Digital is Accelerating... Is There Still a Place for Omnichannel?

Andy Hernandez


Data Democratization: Customers Empowered to Share their Data in a Safe Manner

Franklin Garrigues


Digitizing the Enterprise

Allen Schramm


Tracking the Changes in Banking Technology Strategy During COVID-19

Dan Latimore


Finding the Intersection of Technology and Customer Advocacy

Mary Kate Loftus, Mike Wisler


Leadership Strategies through a Pandemic: How I Lead Adidas North American Soccer

Jennifer Valentine


How Alliant CU Tripled Assets Organically While Closing Every Branch

Dave Mooney


Managing Customer Experience During a Pandemic

Alexa Maher


The New Age of Reward is the Ownership Economy

David Nelsen


How Synovus, FormFree, and M&T Bank are Innovating to Create Exceptional Experiences

MX Award Showcase


Actionable Data: Separating Yourself From the Competition

Spencer Morris, Danielle Yoseloff, Parker Wilson


How Data Science is Expanding MX's Data Portfolio

Sonam Choudhary, Rick Silva, Parker Wilson


Let's Get Personal; How to Bring Personalization to Marketing

Gerald Ashby, Derek Bell


The Stories Data Can Tell You About Your Customers

Gerald Ashby, Derek Bell


How Connectivity Drives Modern Banking Experiences

David Whitcomb, Derek Bell


MX for Fintechs: From Your First Line of Code to Your Millionth User

Cosme Salazar, Imran Bhatti


A More hands-On Look Into Helios 5

Justin Martin, Caden McBride, Dave Crow


Turning TodayΓÇÖs Data Into Tomorrow's Innovation: Increase Aggregation Rates with MX

Nate Caldwell, Cosme Salazar, Polly Phillips


Empowering the World to be Financially Strong with Access to Data

Nate Caldwell, Jeff Serio


Banking Transformation Strategy

Ashlie Jenkins, Stephanie Maxwell


Customer Empathy to Drive Innovation

Erin Caldwell, Sam Howard, Derek Bowman


Introducing MX Portal

Brett Allred, David Whitcomb


Introducing Analytics Suite

Gerald Ashby, Derek Bell


Introducing Marketing Hub

Gerald Ashby, Derek Bell


Introducing MX Platform API

Cosme Salazar

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