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What to expect, and how to get the most from this unforgettable conference.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind digital experience complete with 1-1 networking opportunities, breakout sessions with live participation, and a main stage unrivaled by any in-person event. Our hope is that MXS2020 inspires you to connect, engage, and reimagine the digital experiences you create for each of your customers.

Below, you’ll see small snippets showing how this year’s Money Experience Summit will reset your expectation for what a digital conference can and should be. Get to know the MXS platform, and prepare for an unforgettable conference.

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Once you've registered for Money Experience Summit, you'll need to complete three simple steps.

Confirm your registration. A unique link will be delivered to the email you used to register. You must click that link.

Use the calendar blocks provided with links to the day of event.

Bookmark the MXS2020 Platform home page. Return on Sept 1 &2 for live and on-demand content.


Main Stage Presentations

You don’t want to miss these sessions: Stephen Dubner, Gabby Douglas, Alison Levine, Frank Abagnale and more.

Accessing the main stage presentations is simple. Once you’re logged in the MXS2020 platform, select the main stage icon on the left of the window and you’ll be taken directly into the live environment. When the stage is live you’ll also be able to access it from the reception screen.


Sessions - Live & On-demand

During live session you’ll be able to access the presentations from the reception area or the navigation bar on the left. You may watch on-demand sessions at any time by clicking on the “On-demand” tab in the navigation. Live Breakouts can be accessed during the live presentation times from the reception page or using the tab to the left.


1-1 Networking and Discussions

Unlike any other digital event you’ve attended. MXS2020 will give you the chance for unparalleled digital networking and interactivity with other attendees. Join speed-networking sessions in the “Networking” tab, or send messages directly to other participants. You can start the conversation via chat or video, whichever you prefer.

Use the chat to ask questions of speaker, event organizers, or simply share your perspective on the future of the Money Experience.

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