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Is your digital experience data-driven?

MX helps your organization connect to the world's financial data — and put that data to use — so you can be at the center of your customers' financial lives.


Finances as they should be.

Managing finances can be complicated, given how disparate financial data has become. From open banking to open finance, the world needs an experience that provides a secure and seamless way to connect, move, and interact with money. We call this the money experience, and it should be easy for everyone.

MX works with more than 2,000 organizations to automate the money experience for their customers and to empower the world to be financially strong.

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Connect to 16,000+ organizations
MX helps you connect to the world’s financial data so you can deliver powerful, new experiences, increase top line growth, and build brand loyalty.



Put your data to use
MX takes raw, unstructured financial data and cleanses, categorizes, and adds metadata that empowers you to reduce fraud, approve loans faster, and help customers save and invest smarter. MX offers the highest accuracy rates in the market so you can analyze and segment your users while giving them the money experience they demand.



Grow your bottom line with the money experience
MX powers data-driven money experiences that make interacting with money as intelligent and personalized as experiences like shopping on Amazon, streaming music on Spotify, or driving a Tesla.


Connectivity + Data + Experience = Growth

The financial world needs exceptional data to power and automate money experiences that drive growth. MX can help you connect to the right applications, make your data actionable, and deliver exceptional experiences. This leads to stronger trust, higher share of wallet, diversified lines of business, increased customer acquisition and, ultimately, exponential growth.

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