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Finances as they should be.

Managing finances can be complicated, given how disparate financial data has become. From open banking to open finance, the world needs an experience that provides a secure and seamless way to connect, move, and interact with money. We call this the money experience, and it should be easy for everyone.

MX works with more than 2,000 organizations to harmonize the money experience for their customers and to empower the world to be financially strong.


Open Potential.
With seamless connectivity comes endless opportunity. The future of money will be driven by the ability to connect financial data with solutions that power the money experience.



The power of connected data.
Standardize, analyze, and segment customers' financial data. Make every interaction the right one by turning personalized experiences into profit and gaining insight into strategic ways to grow your organization.



Data-led experiences lead to growth.
Offer the best digital experience on the market with the ability to innovate and test new products fast. Provide personalized experiences that boost brand loyalty and help customers make better financial decisions.


Connectivity + Data + Experience = Growth

The financial world needs exceptional data to power better experiences and growth. MX can help you connect to the right applications, make your data actionable, and deliver exceptional experiences. This leads to stronger trust, higher share of wallet, diversified lines of business, increased customer acquisition and, ultimately, exponential growth.

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