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Win Your Competitors’
Most Profitable
Account Holders


MX users are 2.5x more profitable. Learn how advocacy,
technology, and data make this possible.

Building the Future of Banking

MX provides financial institutions with the technology they need to win new account holders. At our core, we make data-driven money management solutions that empower end users and drive profitable growth for banks and credit unions.

4 Steps to Win Account Holders


Step 1: Commit to Advocacy

As you build a culture of advocacy and financial literacy, you will solidify the long-term relationships you need to thrive in the digital age.

Download the Banker’s Guide to Digital Advocacy

  • See survey results from 500+ U.S. consumers
  • Learn why advocacy is critical to your top-line revenue

Step 2: Launch Data-Driven Money Management

Data-driven money management (DMM) gives account holders an incentive to add all their accounts, laying the foundation for you to access your competitors’ data.

Download the MX Business Case

  • Understand how DMM helps retain your most profitable account holders
  • Learn about Moneyhawks, who bring in an average of $6,200 per year

Step 3: Analyze the Data

As account holders add all their accounts, you’ll see who has mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and more with your competitors.

Download the Insight & Target Case Study

  • Learn how MX clients have used Insight
  • See how Target can bring you a 25% unique click-through rate

Step 4: Take Action

Whether you’re a financial institution or a digital banking provider, MX has the tools and technology you need to win business from your competitors. Hear what some of our current partners have to say about working with MX and use the form below to request our 4 Step Process to Winning Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Account Holders.


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