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Data for
Better Banking


MX enables financial institutions and fintech companies
to gather, enrich, present, and act on data — resulting
in dramatic gains to the bottom line.

Unified Financial Data

MX is the world leader in unified financial data, enabling financial institutions and fintech companies to offer actionable data that empowers the world to become financially strong.

Morality and Mechanics of Using Data

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Financial services is currently undergoing a major shift, and data is at its center. But how should you be using data? How do you pick the right provider? How do you find the time and resources to make the shift to a data-centered culture? Join us for the answers.
Morality and Mechanics of Using Data

A few of our 1000+ clients

Our goal is to make finances as they should be. Here are some of the clients that help us achieve that goal.

"We want to deliver something that really wows our members, and MX has one of the richest user experiences in the market."
Howie Wu
Vice President of Virtual Banking - BECU

How we enable you to use data:

MX Aggregation

Collect Data

MX employs a multi-sourced aggregation router. This way if one source becomes deficient, we can re-route and keep your users connected to their data.

MX Aggregation

Enrich Data

MX enriches all internal and external transaction data by cleansing, categorizing, and classifying it. We're also able to flag which transactions are leaving your company to a competitor, so you better understand your user base.

Transactions widget
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Present Data

MX presents data in visually engaging and compelling ways, improving user engagement and building loyalty for your brand.

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Act On Data

Finally, MX empowers clients to act on their enriched data, using it to create hyper-personalized offers in minutes, with no help from IT.

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