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Data for
Better Banking

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With $70 million in total funding and 1,000+ signed clients,
MX enables you to collect, enrich, present, and act on data —
giving your users a 5-star digital experience.

why MX?

MX gives financial institutions and fintech companies the power to make finances as they should be.

To put it simply, we offer the cleanest data and best user experience in the space.


Some of our 1,000+ clients

Our goal is to make finances as they should be. Here are some of the clients that help us achieve that goal.

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"We want to deliver something that really wows our members, and MX has one of the richest user experiences in the market."
Howie Wu
Vice President of Virtual Banking - BECU

The MX product suite

Next-Gen PFM

Built on multi-sourced aggregation and market-leading data cleansing, the presentation layer of MX has brought 6 Finovate "Best of Show" wins, 3 CUNA Tech Council "Best of Show" wins, 3 Big Business and Technology Expo "Expert Choice" wins, and much more. 

Case study: MX users saved 20% more than nonusers over a four-month period. This increase in savings means more capital on hand for the financial institution and better financial health for the end user.

PFM Product Group
Helios Product Group

Cross Platform

The Helios cross-platform framework gives MX clients the ability to offer mobile banking across a range of platforms and device types — all built from a single C++ codebase. This dramatically lowers maintenance costs and powers agile development. 

Case Study: After implementing mobile banking with the Helios framework, one MX client saw a 99% increase in mobile users, a 170% increase in bill pay, and 22% increase in check deposits over 16 months.

Helios Product Group

Multi-sourced Aggregation

You're looking for the best data on the market, and that's why MX employs a multi-sourced aggregation router. If a source becomes deficient, we can re-route and keep our users connected to their data. 

Benefits: Users sign into your portal to securely see all their finances in one place, viewing your company as their main banking hub and turning to you for their financial needs.

MX Aggregation
"We looked at everybody in the industry — all the different aggregators and providers — and we were blown away by what MX had to offer."
John Schulte, CIO at Mercantile Bank

Developer API

The Atrium API allows fintech companies to pick and choose which features they'd like to integrate directly into their current offerings — all with the data and algorithms of MX working behind the scenes.
Atrium API

"From the point of view of innovation and customer satisfaction, MX really gets it. They're consistent in their organization from the top down in what they're trying to achieve, which is really refreshing."

- Dylan Roth, Vice President of Strategy and Operations at ATB Financial

See the MX platform in action