Delivering elevated customer experiences through actionable data

Clean and simple
transaction feeds

Raw transaction data can be disorganized and confusing. Remove the frustration and gain the insights you need to better engage your customers with simple transaction feeds, merchant logos, locations, and more.

Automatic, industry-leading categorization

Automatic categorization helps your customers manage their money and make better financial decisions. Clear visibility into spending categories gives you the analytics and metrics needed to segment and effectively market to different customer profiles.

Personal, predictive, and proactive financial guidance

MX enhances and organizes the data needed to power solutions that engage customers through a modern banking experience.

Access your data and understand your customers

Success hinges on your ability to make accurate data-driven decisions. With MX, you can make transactional data easy to understand and ensure that every interaction is the right one by turning personalized experiences into profit.

Industry-leading coverage and accuracy

MX categorizes transaction data with industry-leading categorization coverage and accuracy. With standardized data sets, you’re providing customers with dependable insights that they can trust.

Institutions that power their products and systems with Data Enhancement by MX

The MX Data Engine:
Enhancing data to power the Money Experience

Using AI and machine learning technology, the MX Data Engine cleanses and categorizes greater amounts of data at faster rates. Each individual transaction is maximized to drive predictive models that better anticipate customer behaviors and needs.

Help your customers make sense of their data and empower them to live financially strong

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