Data Enhancement

Turn Illegible Transaction Data Into Actionable Insights

Convert siloed, illegible, and uncategorized customer transaction data into actionable insights that power your organization and provide customers with an enhanced user experience.

Transactional Data Enhancement Example


Captivate your customers with clean and simple transaction feeds

Better engage your customers with captivating UIs that put clean and insightful transaction data at their fingertips. Remove the frustrations and costs that come with illegible transactions, and gain the insights your organization needs to better engage your customers and increase share of wallet.


Automatic categorization enables your customers to take control of their finances

With automatic categorization powering your transaction feeds, your customers are better able to manage their money and make better financial decisions. And with industry-leading categorization rates of 95%, your organization will gain the actionable insights it needs to better understand, develop, and serve your customers.


Build tomorrow’s innovation with MX technologies

By establishing a foundation of cleansed and categorized data, your organization is in prime position to drive cutting-edge innovations — from intelligent data analytics platforms and smarter marketing to next-generation mobile banking. Your organization will have the insights, tools, and engagement it needs to power consistent transformational growth.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Inaccurate data can lead to decisions that can negatively impact your organization. This emphasizes the importance that your transaction data accurately represents customers’ behaviors. That’s why MX is constantly innovating and driving to deliver partners with industry-leading categorization accuracy rates.

With categorization accuracy rates of 95%, MX ensures that your organization, and most importantly, your customers have the cleanest and most accurate transaction data in the industry.

Leverage today’s insights to power tomorrow’s innovation

Data Enhancement by MX gives your organization the insights it needs to build a foundation of actionable data and power innovative strategies. Customers will engage with an easy-to-understand experience where they can better digest, interpret, and interact with their finances.

Help your customers make sense of their data and empower them to live financially strong

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