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Financial Insights

Dynamic. Personalized. Predictive.

Real-Time Financial Insights

Financial Insights
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Duplicate Payment

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Spending Comparisons

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Savings Opportunities

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Consumers expect personalized insights from their providers…

…to help them manage their finances. Yet, many financial institutions and fintechs still struggle to deliver actionable insights and recommendations.

MX uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalized guidance, offers, and recommendations based on consumer behaviors and financial data.

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Consumers can dive deeper into their financial data with dynamic insights and recommendations such as duplicate payment tracking, spend comparisons, and savings opportunities.


Companies can become a trusted advisor to support financial wellness and deliver behavior-based, automated insights that proactively alert customers to take action.


Businesses can drive product innovations and improvements with greater insights into consumer needs, enabled by powerful data connections. Each insight revolves around the specific needs and situations of consumers personal lives.


Organizations can surface insights dynamically within their digital and mobile banking solutions to deliver valuable guidance to consumers when and how they engage.

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Why MX

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Fast-growing library of approximately 100 personalized beats

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Demonstrated 25% increase in savings deposits over 6 months


Providers see 30% increase in financial health scores over 12 weeks


Proven results show 2x higher savings balance

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Learn more about how MX delivers personalized financial insights.

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