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Account Aggregation

Seamless. Dependable. Lasting.

Trusted Connectivity for Financial Accounts

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Businesses can’t afford for connections to break.

In fact, 72% of consumers would likely seek out a different bank or credit union if their current provider couldnt connect their financial accounts to financial apps or other online accounts.

MX connectivity solutions enable fast, secure, and reliable ways for consumers to connect to their financial accounts and access their financial data.

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Organizations can be confident in their connections with the industrys highest amount of member traffic through tokenized OAuth and Direct APIs.


MX connections last years, not months. Tokenized access ensures connections dont break when credentials change.


Consumers can connect accounts in seconds with redundant connectivity for non-direct connections.


API data requests can power Account Owner Identity (IDV), statements, transaction history, account aggregation, balance checks, and account verifications (IAV). Businesses can also leverage multiple connectivity solutions to ensure access no matter what.

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Why MX

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Market leader in whitelisted and direct API connections

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Focused on open APIs to drive industry collaboration, not control

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More than 4 million credentials removed to-date with OAuth connections

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60%+ of traffic for financial institutions via APIs — and growing

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Seamless Connectivity and Instant Account Verifications

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