We’re driven by our moral imperative to advance humankind—and it all starts with our people, product, and purpose. See what life at MX is all about and join the team.

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We always carry a deep sense of drive and passion with us. If you thrive in a challenging work environment, surrounded by incredible team members who will help you grow, MX is the right place for you.
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Employee Resource Groups at MX

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Our Founders

Ryan Caldwell

Founder, Executive Chair, and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Brandon Dewitt


Our Leadership Team

Jim Magats

Chief Executive Officer

Wes Hummel

Chief Technology Officer

Nandita Gupta

Chief Product Officer

Brett Allred

Chief Commercial Officer, Fintechs

Jane Barratt

Chief Commercial Officer, Financial Institutions

Raymond den Hond

Chief Commercial Officer, Partners

Brian Kinion

Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Cassady

Chief People Officer

Shawn Lindquist

Chief Legal Officer

Ryan Nelsen

Executive Vice President of Marketing

Don Parker

Executive Vice President of Partnerships

Felix Quintana

Chief Information Officer

Kara Parkey

Chief of Staff

Our perks and benefits

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    Unlimited time off and holidays

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    Free health insurance for team members

  • 401

    401k matching

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    Generous parental leave

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    Fully stocked breakrooms

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    Breakfasts, lunches, dinners

  • onsite

    Onsite subsidized massage

  • weight

    VASA and UTA passes

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We hold our products to the highest quality standards because we know they have the power to fundamentally change peoples lives for the better.

We demonstrate reliability, purposefulness, and strength in everything we do and build.
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Here are just a few reasons our clients love working with us

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“The people that run MX, that you work with on a day to day basis, actually care about you and what theyre delivering. Its not just some piece of technology - this is a life commitment that theyve made.”

- Jim Simpson, CIO

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We work tirelessly to create financial solutions that will transform the face of the financial industry and people’s lives as a whole. We believe we have a shot at advancing humankind—and we’re determined to take it.

Our Vision

Finances as they should be

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The MX Mission

Empowering the World to be Financially Strong

Powering more than 2,000 banks, credit unions, fintechs, with a combined reach of over 200 million consumers.

Our Values

We value what we do and who we serve. Our values are our guidelines of our aspirations.

Purposeful Contribution
Exuberance for Life
Founder Mindset
Foundation of Trust
Objectivity in Discourse
Iterative Innovation

Purposeful Contribution

We believe that we have a moral imperative to always be advancing humankind. We believe it is possible to change the arc of humanity and we intend to. We align with those that are on a mission to improve the world. We strive for such things and will contribute all we can in the roles, ways and companies that have the most impact. Contribution demands execution and MX chooses to have a strong bias towards execution. We know that we cannot contribute and have impact at scale if we do not have a culture of clear individual, team and organizational accountability.

Exuberance for Life

We choose to be exuberant and buoyant in all we do. We think of life as a gift and a chance to make each person’s journey even better. We believe we get the chance but also have the responsibility to uplift others by being inspirational, encouraging, kind (even when being firm), and loving. We strive in everything we do to be constructive and kind while keeping any ire or condescension at bay. Bottom line: We don’t like jerks. We have the right attitude while enjoying and being grateful for the ride!

Founder Mindset

When encountering any problem across MX, we ask ourselves, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” We care deeply about the company, its trajectory and velocity to the point we can not stay silent if we see an area where we can do better. We are willing to vigorously and passionately debate options so that we can quickly come to the optimal solution. We are gritty, relentless leaders (regardless of title) who are introspective and self-analytical. In the face of complex, long term problems, we are capable of composing world-changing solutions by reducing problems to fundamental bite-size iterative pieces. We deliver quality work and build for the long term.

Foundation of Trust

We demand transparency, openness and trust from ourselves and each other. We err on the side of trust and transparency and rely on precise data-driven clarity. We are a data-driven organization that believes in radical honesty. We leverage metrics and data to celebrate our capability, increase our transparency, optimize our accountability, and expose our vulnerability. Then we use that data to make solid strategic decisions. We seek to find understanding and common ground. We never seek to be offended. We trust, but verify. We are precise in all things to remove ambiguity and drive to clarity across the organization.

Objectivity in Discourse

We are truth seekers who believe that radical honesty and integrity are requisite in all actions. Pride and defensiveness have no place in seeking what is true and right. We remove ego, seek input/feedback, challenge personal assumptions, introspect, improve, and then repeat. Data rules! Data determines merit of claims in a debate. Meritocracy is established by results verified by data. No one at MX is entitled to influence within MX, except on the merits of the value they generate. Influence is not the result of a title distinction, tenure, or personal belief. It is the result of continuous, results-driven value creation that ripples across the organization.


We choose to have empathy and be aware of how we are affecting others – always being respectful, fair and kind to team members, the company, partners, clients, end-users, competitors and the world. We choose to hold ourselves personally and collectively responsible to be observant, informed, grounded, mindful, perceptive, sensible, wise and judicious as we determine how to have the best effect on those around us. We believe in team fit and natural resonance that drive strong team cohesiveness. When team fit is off, we believe it is best for all sides to openly communicate, be supportive and then find their optimal fit.

Iterative Innovation

We believe in highly iterative and rapid innovation. We start small, make quick cuts, test assumptions, fail quickly, make adjustments and improve. By innovating this way, and living fiercely loyal to all of the MX values, we will naturally have ideal innovation.

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MX improves the customer lives of over 2000 banks

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