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Instant Account Verifications

Instant. Secure. Smart.

Account and Identification Verifications

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Verifying accounts can be slow...

...with a single connection method that relies only on micro deposits.

MX intelligently routes customers to the best connection method possible and offers instant account and identification verification technologies to help organizations streamline processes and deliver better customer experiences.

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Organizations can verify accounts in less than 5 seconds with the latest security standards through direct OAuth connections, eliminating reliance on microdeposits.


Financial institutions and fintechs can mitigate risk with secure tokens versus consumer credentials.


Fraud detection gets smarter with data to quickly and easily identify abnormalities in transaction history and location data.


MX offers coverage across 6,500+ U.S. and Canadian financial institutions.

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Why MX

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Instantly verify more than 90% of depository accounts within seconds

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Quickly verify accounts across more than 6,500 financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada

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Approximately 99% of U.S. financial accounts verified with instant account verifications and microdeposits

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Seamless Connectivity and Instant Account Verifications

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Learn more about how MXapi enables instant account verifications.

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