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Stand out in today’s world of mobile banking with Helios by MX. Our intuitive app helps you go beyond simple transactions and account management, giving you the tools you need to give your customers the experience they want—today and in the future.

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A complete mobile experience representing the intersection of consumer demand and organizational need.

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Close the banking generation gap

The way people bank is changing—fast. Today, 27% of millennials would consider a branchless bank. And 86% of millennials are smartphone users. With online banking at an all time high, it’s time to rethink your mobile banking strategy. Capture more of the millennial and Generation Z audience by meeting them where they like to bank with Helios. Our intuitive mobile app gives your customers a 360-degree view of all their finances at all times, and the simple interface and customized features make it easy to act on financial information instantly.

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More Customers. More Engagement. More Profit

Gain and retain more customers with our award-winning mobile app and reap the rewards.

From Complaints to Compliments

As you can see, before this client switched to MX their user reviews were infrequent and generally negative. After the client switched, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.


Keep your customers in the know

Stay connected with your customers at all times. Keep them in the loop with the latest updates—from outages to promotions to community events, so they have the information they need, when they need it most. When your customers get proactive alerts, you’ll save on support costs and have the opportunity to foster more meaningful relationships.

5-Star Ratings

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New Look Makes finances fun again

The new update really had made a huge difference and has increased my confidence in my personal bank. I have left all my other budgeting and finance apps behind because the new BECU app has everything I need in one place! Way to go.

Jacque McNeil

review star review star review star review star review star

Best EVER!!!!

I just got all my bills and transfers taken care of with the app while laying in bed. This tech is wonderful!


Innovate in Weeks, Not Years

Don’t get left behind in today’s fast-paced digital banking world. Helios continually stays on top of the latest trends and innovations to help you stay ahead of the competition. And with free updates, you’ll never have to wait an entire year to improve.

Turn Customer Feedback into App Features

BECU grew 50k mobile banking users to 300k with our agile approach to app updates. As you can see, user engagement drastically increased and friction decreased with every addition of new features. We continuously work with our partners to improve app functionality and usability for their customers—without ever charging them a dime.

Customizable Experience

Add the vendors you want, for the functionality you need. Helios integrates with your current digital banking features (such as RDC, P2P, bill pay, etc.) for a smooth transition into your system.

Partnership philosophy

No matter what your mobile app needs are, we’ll work with you to make them possible. We’re flexible, adaptable, and nimble, but most of all—we’re here to listen. We’ll create a custom-built solution—from html to a native in-app experience—depending on your specific needs. And we’ll never prescribe vendors—we’ll build on top of any vendor you’re comfortable with on your existing financial platform. Our technology is built to grow and scale with your business, so no matter where the future takes you, we’ll be there.

A Financial Solution You Can Bank On

Helios simplifies financial management by making it easy for every type of customer to interact with their banking information from all devices and channels—any time, anywhere.

One Code for Any Device and Platform

Be ready for what the future brings—from smartphones to wearables and even implantables—today. With Helios, you can run your app natively on the platform of your choice—Windows, iOS, Android, and much more—from one code base. So decrease development and time to market for new features while increasing uptime, all from one partner.

Fast (including load times and advanced visual effects)

Tested functionality for easy-to-use technology

Optimized for each device

Facilitates robust and scalable testing

Looks and feels native to the device (because it is)

Secure (data isn’t stored in a browser)

Works online and offline

Bring the Helios Advantage to Your Brand

This sample ad shows how Epic Bank used Helios technology to combine standard mobile banking features with innovative financial management services to stand out from the competition.

Measurable Results

Win and retain customers and increase your ROI with better financial management tools.

America First Credit Union Case Study

With the Helios cross-platform framework, AFCU's mobile app shot from a D to an A+ in appbot ratings, and the app rose to a 4.5+ star rating in both the Apple and Android app stores—up from an average rating of 2.5 with the prior version.

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Howie Wu

BECU Case Study
More Users + More Bill Pay = Solid ROI

BECU partnered with MX to offer their members the Helios cross-platform framework. Within 18 months of launching Helios, BECU saw:

  • A 170% increase in bill pay
  • A 99% increase in mobile users
  • A 22% increase in check deposits
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