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Fraud and Risk Management

MX helps bolster fraud prevention and mitigate risk for financial institutions and fintechs. Build trust and help protect consumers with tokenized connections that eliminate credential sharing, real-time verifications and balance checks, and cleansed and enhanced transaction data that can help you spot anomalies faster.

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Why Fraud and Risk Management Matters

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How MX Helps

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Validate bank accounts and other financial accounts in less than 5 seconds with the latest security standards through direct OAuth connections, eliminating reliance on microdeposits

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Leverage token-based APIs between MX and payment processors for more flexible and secure data sharing to fuel money movement and more

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Protect credentials from leaving your organization by leveraging tokenized direct API and OAuth connections

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Make it easy for consumers to connect external accounts in a few simple steps and gain a more complete picture of their finances

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Enhance transaction data with context, cleansing, and categorization to help you more quickly and easily identify abnormalities in transaction history and location data

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    Data Access that Drives Results

  • MX offers a secure, open finance Data Access API platform built on FDX standards that ensures consumers are in control of their financial data and businesses have greater visibility into what data is shared.

  • Enhanced Data that Makes Sense

  • MX offers a comprehensive suite of data enhancement services to deliver enhanced, verified financial data to improve money experiences, drive new growth opportunities, enhance decision making, and make better use of time and resources.

  • Account and Owner Verifications

  • MX delivers fast, reliable verification technologies to help organizations better manage risk, protect against cyberattacks, and maintain compliance. MX reduces reliance on manual verification processes with instant account verifications (IAV) and account owner identification.

  • Rapid Balance Checks

  • MX helps financial institutions and fintechs verify account balances quickly to streamline processes, reduce risk, and deliver a better customer experience.

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Learn More About How Data Supports Fraud Prevention Efforts

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Leading Companies and Partners Build with MX

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