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Banking Consumer’s Expectations, Digital Banking and Clean Data, Fintech’s Untapped Market: Essential Banking News

February 12, 2018|0 min read
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Last week's news talked about banking consumers technological expectations and how clean data might mean getting more out of you digital banking technology.

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Consumers Expect Everything On Demand, But Banks Are Slow To Respond

Technology has changed the way people interact with their bank. They are wanting expert, poignant advice in a timely manner. Ray Wizbowski of Entrust Datacard questions whether banks can catch up with the speed of innovation: 'Technological advances have changed consumer expectations, where satisfaction is measured in a matter of seconds, minutes, or, in the worst case scenario, hours. These is an increasing culture of immediacy that has impacted how people want to engage with their financial institution.'

Read more at The Financial Brand

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Why Digital Banking Must Be Built on Clean Data

As we move deeper and deeper into the digital era of banking, institutions become reliant on efficient technologies to deliver a great experience for their users. Though, as Sandy Baker writes, these technologies (such as artificial intelligence) will go as a far as the data they are built on:  'For those looking to utilize AI, for example, to achieve the most bottom-line benefit from digital banking, it is critical to build a strong foundation of clean data.'

Read more at MoneySummit

Fintechs find another untapped market: New immigrants needing credit

From buying cell phones to homes, there are a lot of important purchases that can require credit. For immigrants, regardless of economic status, building credit can be incredibly hard. Fintechs are seeing opportunity within this segment to help make this process easier: “You could be a billionaire in Australia, come over here and try to apply for a credit card. You're probably going to get rejected if you have no credit footprint in this country,” said Peter Renton, a founder of Lend Academy, during a podcast with Nova.

Read more at American Banker

What happens to CFPB if Mulvaney becomes Trump's Chief of Staff?

'It's now more muddy than clear,' said Richard Gottlieb, a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phelps. 'Mulvaney may not have the authority to appoint his own replacement. It's simply an unresolved question. But for that lawsuit and [former CFPB Director Richard] Cordray's actions, Trump could do something more broadly.' 

Read more at The Credit Union Journal

PayPal Now Offering Two Additional Wireless Card Readers for SMBs

'Payments provider PayPalis now offering two new card readers for small and medium businesses, allowing owners to accept payments with more ease and efficiency, the company announced today.' 

Read more at Bank Innovation

Visa to acquire Fraedom to expand B2B services

“Increasingly, businesses are replacing inefficient paper-based payment systems with digital tools,” Vicky Bindra, global head of products and solutions at Visa, said in a Friday press release. “This strategic acquisition allows Visa to offer a more comprehensive business solution to our corporate clients that is innovative, global, highly configurable and intuitive for their employees.” 

Read more at American Banker

The Fed probably won't hike rates as much as everyone is expecting

'Today the market is implying an 84.3% chance that we will have two, three, or four rate hikes in 2018, according to Bloomberg calculations based on Fed Funds futures. That is a high degree of certainty.'

Read more at Business Insider

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