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How MX is helping Mercantile Bank of Michigan

May 15, 2018 | 0 min read


Breaking Banks podcast, May 10, 2018: 'We've integrated directly with [Mercantile's] existing PFM provider, which is MX. They have some great APIs and some data enrichment and cleansing that they go through. Based on my experience, they're pretty world-class in terms of enriching and properly categorizing these transactions. They've been really easy to work with. We're big fans of what they're creating there at MX. We're basically taking that data from MX and building the ability to have conversations about that data.'

-- Keith Armstrong, Co-Founder, Abe.ai, on air with host Jason Henrichs and the Breaking Banks podcast, together with John Schute, CIO, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, talking about their #fintech / community bank partnership. Episode 237. Aired May 10, 2019. #AI #banking #chatbot

Listen to the full podcast here (and specifically from 38:20 to 39:30):  https://soundcloud.com/breakingbanks/will-you-be-my-friend


(See the original 2014 video testimonial with MX and Mercantile Bank of Michigan here): 

John Schulte CIO, Mercantile Bank from MX on Vimeo.



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