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Money Experience Summit Day 1 Highlights

September 1, 2020|0 min read
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With 30+ presentations and discussions from leaders inside of and outside of financial services, Day 1 of the MX Money Experience Summit was full of actionable insights.

Common themes included how to excel at customer advocacy, understand consumer psychology, overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, and lessons learned over the course of a career in financial services.

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Here are a few of the many stand-out moments:

“The reason that so many people make poor decisions around money is basically because of fear of one kind or another. … There is a vast gap between our declared preferences, what we say we'll do, and our revealed preferences, what we actually do.” — Stephen Dubner, on how consumers make money decisions

[Register to watch “The Psychology and Future of Money” with Stephen Dubner, Host of Freakonomics & Co-author of Freakonomics, and Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX]

“You gotta take those moments and say, 'Alright, let's learn from this, and let's push harder going forward and not give up.' — Gabby Douglas, on how she managed to overcome adversity to become a 3x Olympic gold medalist

[Register to watch “Defining Moments that Lead to Greatness” with Gabby Douglas, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, and Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO at MX]

“In my 20 years experience the most impactful management lesson I’ve learned is stewardship delegation. Stewardship delegation focuses on the end objective that needs to be achieved and it leaves room for the doer to choose their own path or the method to get there.” — Brady Harris, CEO, Dwolla

“We have our Twitter feed, or our Instagram feed. We need a financial feed that’s adapted for each person.” — Ron Shevlin, Managing Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors

[See the MX financial feed: Pulse]

“Rethinking how the experience can work from the customer's point of view is so valuable. There is so much that we in banking can learn from Apple and Google that do this better than anyone else.” — Justin Adler, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, NorthOne

“Customer advocacy is not just knowing what to do and how to do it but making sure you’re able to do it quickly. If you know what’s right for your customer and you take too long to mobilize you lose the opportunity.” — Mary Kate Loftus, SVP Digital Banking, M&T Bank

“Representation matters especially in tech, where you have been building on legacies of networks and privileges.” — Mehrsa Baradaran, author of The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap

“Be inquisitive. Ask the question 'why?' or 'why not?' as much as possible. Because if you don't, you're not going to be able to build something great.' — Allen Schramm, VP, Procurement Strategist, KeyBank

'The tools that we're integrating with MX have helped provide context that a lot of people don't have anymore when it comes to spending.' — Clinton Hess, VP of Financial Analysis, Alaska USA


“The Psychology and Future of Money”

  • Stephen Dubner, Host of Freakonomics & Co-author of Freakonomics

  • Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX

“The New Money Experience”

  • Shane Evans, Chief Revenue Officer at MX

New Announcements: Money Experience Product Updates

  • Brett Allred, Chief Product Officer at MX

“Defining Moments that Lead to Greatness”

  • Gabby Douglas, Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO at MX

Interactive Breakout Sessions

“Innovation Amidst Uncertainty”

  • Brent Beardall, CEO and President, WaFd Bank

“The 5 Things 2020 Show us About the Future of Fintech”

  • Jon Stein, CEO and Founder, Betterment

“2020: The Make or Break Moment for Fintech”

  • Adrienne Harris, Financial Services Executive

“The Color of Money: Explaining the Racial Wealth Gap”

  • Mehrsa Baradaran, Professor of Law at UC Irvine

“Partnerships to Put ESG in Action”

  • Adam Levine, Co-Head of Digital Partnerships at BNY Mellon

“Ron Shevlin’s Wins & Fails for 2020”

  • Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors & Sr. Contributor at Forbes

“Digital Banking Revolution: Taking Control of Your Digital Roadmap”

  • Corey Leblanc, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Origin Bank

Register for free to get full access and see it all.

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