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Hot Takes on Private Equity, Cryptocurrency, and Leadership from Carta and Marcus by Goldman Sachs

February 2, 2022 | 0 min read


Hot Takes on Private Equity, Cryptocurrency, and Leadership from Carta and Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Last week’s MX Visionaries Forum brought us more than just life lessons from Jason Sudeikis, award-winning actor, producer and cultural phenomenon with his show Ted Lasso. We also heard industry trends, leadership insights, and favorite Ted Lasso quotes from Heidi Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Carta, and Scott Young, Chief Commercial Officer at Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

Here are a few quick takes from both leaders from the discussions: 

Consumerization of Private Markets

Private equity opportunities have become more widespread and mainstream, growing twice as fast as public markets in recent years. This creates tremendous opportunity and challenges associated with creating more owners across companies that are sprouting up every day. This includes changes in regulations to ensure consumers have access to private markets and education to help consumers understand how to take advantage of ownership opportunities and make the right life choices. This could also create new opportunities to close the wealth gap and drive more equality in equity. 

Demand for Talent

Companies are seeking ways to provide individual employees with equity and benefits that can stay competitive with the talent and the marketplace, says Johnson. Companies are trying to determine the best balance between equity and salary to help stay ahead of this trend so that they can attract and retain top talent. 

Cryptocurrency Considerations

There is a lot of interest and enthusiasm in crypto - even at the Consumer Electronic Show a few weeks ago. Young shares there are a lot of different use cases related to crypto and blockchain — and it’s here to stay. Regulated banks like Goldman Sachs have to figure out how to get involved and make it part of their strategy over time. 

Potential Regulatory Changes 

As private markets and cryptocurrency become more mainstream, we’ll see regulators evaluating where and how involved they should become. This will change how these companies and industries operate and disclose information. 

Dynamic Leadership and Positive Mentoring Remain Key

Regardless of industry challenges on the horizon, leadership is critical to the success of any business. For Scott Young, this means not taking a cookie cutter approach to leading your team. For Heidi Johnson, it’s important to play the long game with people, building relationships from a place of curiosity and being there to support them in their personal and professional needs. 

You can watch the full MX Visionaries Forum replay with Jason Sudeikis, Heidi Johnson and Scott Young by registering here

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