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Why MX? New CTO and Chief Product Officer Talk Financial Wellness and Open Data

October 5, 2022 | 0 min read


MX’s new Chief Technology Officer Wes Hummel and Chief Product Officer Nandita Gupta took the stage at Money Experience Summit 2022 to share their thoughts on why MX and the future of the financial industry. Here’s two big takeaways. 

Solving the Broken Money Experience

Growing up in India, Nandita got to experience firsthand how broken and fragmented the money experience is today. For instance, sending money to loved ones in remote regions is a painful exercise that takes multiple steps. That’s why she truly believes technology can make financial services and data more accessible for everyone. It’s going to take the collective power of all of us to achieve this mission.

The Importance of Financial Literacy

For Wes, educating his three daughters on financial literacy is top of mind. The reality is that there are just so many families out there that don't have the tools or knowledge. At MX, we have the data and technology to make their lives so much easier. Wes shared that we have the ability to provide contextually sophisticated experiences for consumers that are meaningful to them. This can help their financial wellness and help them lead better financial lives. The power of data and what we can do there is tremendous. 

Catch the full replay of their conversation from MXS 2022.

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