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Spotlight on Success: Q2 Rockstar Employees

July 18, 2022|0 min read
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At MX, our employees aren’t just workers who get the job done. They’re part of the MX family helping to bring our mission to empower the world to be financially strong to fruition. Our culture, our business, and our future is strong because of our teammates. 

As we head into the second half of the year, we’re spotlighting five teammates who were recognized for their accomplishments and contributions in our second quarter. Here’s a little bit about each, including their career advice, snack choices, bucket list items, and more: 

Meet the MXers

Jason Bonnett

What Do You Do? Manages enterprise compliance audit program for SOC2, and PCI-DSS audits, and third-party risk assessments.

Favorite Thing About Your Role? Being able to work with so many great people in the organization. Learning about all the products used within the company.

Aubrey Cormani

What Do You Do? Manages the crazy executive world of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships.

Favorite Thing About Your Role? The always-changing atmosphere and being able to work on a variety of projects across teams

Sam Forester

What Do You Do? My primary focus involves IT automation. 

Favorite Thing About Your Role? Solving a wide array of challenges. The opportunity to learn something new, or iterate previous solutions almost every day.

Tyler Grow

What Do You Do? I create learning experiences and guides to enable our Client-Developers.

Favorite Thing About Your Role? Developer education has driven my career for the last 6 years, and I love it. At MX, I get to help them along their journey to creating rad software and products. 

Spencer Owen

What Do You Do? Automate all the things, keep platform running

Favorite Thing About Your Role? I love taking two distinct services and making them talk to each other in the simplest and most reliable way

Career Advice, Life Recommendations

Best Piece of Career Advice? 

  • Never stop learning and focus on the results of your accomplishments.
  • If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes — then learn how to do it later! (Source: Richard Branson)
  • Always find ways to learn something new with every project, especially with mundane tasks. Experiment, optimize, refactor — you might just create something that sets a new precedent. 
  • Take a shot at something. Don’t think about it too much, just take wild shots. Hell, it’s something just to hear the gun go off.
  • Everything good that has happened to me started because either I worked for free on something that interested me or I let myself become obsessed. Let focus be your superpower. 

Go-To Work Snack? 

  • Jack Link’s beef steak
  • Anything with peanut butter
  • Cheese sticks, jerky, and Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • Jalapeno Cheetos
  • Carrots or blueberries

TV Shows Most Recently Binge Watched? 

  • Ozark
  • Yellowstone
  • The Owl House or How the Universe Works
  • Our Flag Means Death
  • Stranger Things

Bucket List Items?

  • Take a hot air balloon ride.
  • Hike Angels Landing in Zion.
  • Completely fill a 52-page passport.
  • Live in Germany for a year.
  • Have a net worth greater than $3.3. million dollars. 
  • Donate 10,000 to the Humane Society of Utah.
  • Help rehome 100 dogs.

Advice to Your Younger Self?

  • You don’t succeed by being like anyone else, you succeed by doing things different than everyone else. 
  • Keep hustling. 
  • Keep reminding yourself everything really does happen for a reason. Everything will make sense someday.
  • Trust your gut, and show up for yourself.
  • Buy as much Bitcoin as possible in 2013. Sell half on November 7, 2021.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Rockstar Employees 05

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